Made By Thinkbox312 Vulnerability SQL Injection

Yogi Rezaldi

  • -# Title : Made By Thinkbox312 Vulnrability SQL Injection
  • -# Author : Jenderal92
  • -# Email :
  • -# Tested on : Android 9
  • -# Vendor :
  • -# Dork : intext: Made By Thinkbox312 "php?id="
  • - Proof of Concept :

    Dorking With Dork Above Choose One Of The Web Vuln Then Do It. Example Example: <- Inject Here

    Thanks To : _ByME,Naskleng45 And all Member Baku Hantam Crew

    If you find a bug or something like that can contact me, I'll post it later on my blog. Ok

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